Step 2 Documents

Prepare your step 2 application with the help of the following documents.

Application process

Get an overview of the milestones and timeline of the application process.

This infographic explains our two-step application process.


Intervention logic

​Structure your project idea with the help of the intervention logic infographic.

From territorial challenges and opportunities to project results and societal benefits for North-West Europe.


Step 2 application form 

The step 2 application form is a word version of what approved step 1 applicants will find on the Interreg NWE Joint electronic submission system (Jems) and need to fill in to submit a step 2 application.

Please note that this document is made available for demonstration and information purposes only.


Step 2 eligibility criteria 

The step 2 eligibility criteria are the list of criteria each project must comply with to be declared eligible.


Step 2 assessment criteria 

​The step 2 assessment criteria are the criteria against which every project application will be assessed to establish its relevance and feasibility. 

Decisions on whether to grant funding will be based on this document.


Project Partnership Agreement

This is a template agreement document between the lead partner and partners of an Interreg North-West Europe project.

This document serves as an example only. It must be negotiated between partners and tailored to the partnership’s individual needs. The programme authorities cannot be held liable for the content nor for the use of this model. The project partnership remains fully responsible for the content of the project partnership agreement which cannot contain any provision contrary to the subsidy contract.


Subsidy Contract (draft)


You will find below the draft version of the subsidy contract to be signed between the Managing Authority of the NWE Programme and the Lead Partners of approved step 2 projects.