LOGiC presents productive use case for renewable energy at G-STIC 2018

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To reach the SDGs, we need to pay as much or even more attention to local energy communities as to the central energy system. Both parts of the system are not to be considered in competitive sense but need to be matched. In this context we define energy positive communities as: Neighbourhoods, villages, districts or even cities that are actively involved in the development of their own energy system based on renewable energy and integrated in the broader energy system. The question is not: what is the value of the electricity sold, but what is the value of an additional child educated by providing affordable electricity, what is the value of an additional patient treated in a local hospital by providing reliable electricity. It is about integrating services, services for energy, health, food, water, waste etc. What is the key success factor for energy positive communities? The key success factor for energy positive communities is bringing together two worlds: the world of the big energy infrastructures (based on the national energy plans) on one side and the world of the local energy initiatives on the other side. In the context of this debate, ARE Policy & Business Development Manager, David Lecoque presented lessons learnt from the LOGiC project to a wide audience at G-STIC on 29 November 2018. David especially highlighted the LOGiC project in Texel, which provides hybrid renewable energy to waste water management facility, while also putting into context the importance of productive use of renewable energy is less developed countries. Read More

LOGiC Site Visit: Hybrid waste water management plant to use 100% renewable energy and bring low-carbon energy to island communities

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On 18 October 2018, key stakeholders in the European decentralised renewable energy sector gathered to visit the waste water treatment installation on Texel Island, in North-Holland. The purpose of the site visit was to learn and to discuss experiences of the Low Carbon Off-Grid Communities (LOGiC) project and other decentralised renewable energy projects in Europe. Read More

Launch of Texel pilot

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The official start of the LOGIC pilot on Texel took place on 29 September. The purpose of the Texel LOGiC pilot project is to match supply and demand in balance for a decentralised renewable energy hybrid system (DHES) as well as to distribute the generated energy on the existing network. Read More