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🌱Inauguration FRESH Greenhouse IFSB had the pleasure of inaugurating their FRESH Greenhouse and the restaurant extension, the "Freshly" this Wednesday, November 23, 2022. In a few words, the FRESH Greenhouse is an innovative cultivation system thanks to hydroponics and a short distribution circuit of vegetables. These vegetables are directly cooked in our restaurant! 🍽️ It was also the occasion to present the GROOFproject! Thank you to all the people who have participated in the development of this project! And a big thank you to everyone present yesterday 🙂 Translated with (free version) Read More

EVENT IN LONDON - 22.11.28

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28TH OF NOVEMBER 2022 IN LONDON (UK)! [STUDIO EGRET WEST] Come and meet the GROOF experts and other project coaches! On the program: Take part of our free masterclass and round table. ..................... 1:30 PM Welcome and presentation of GROOF project 2:00 PM Masterclass: Business model for rooftop greenhouses 5:00 PM Round table 6:00 PM Networking ..................... Please register to secure your spot and discover the entire program! REGISTER NOW Read More