PHA-pilot successfully installed on sewage treatment plant Buchenhofen

The PHA-pilot construction is successfully finished on the Campus of the TU Kaiserslautern (TUK). It is now transported to the sewage treatment plant (STP) Buchenhofen in Wuppertal, where Wupperverband and TUK finished the connections to the STP.

The pilot operation is now in its start-up phase. It is expected that a stable process can be reached during the beginning of 2020.

Once the pilot produces significant amounts of PHA-enriched biomass, Avans starts the PHA extraction in pilot-scale and Natureplast starts producing sample products from the extracted raw-PHA.

PHA meeting
On the 22 November, the University of Kaiserslautern, Wupperverband/WiW mbH and Avans university had a meeting at the "new" PHA pilot facility in Wuppertal. First the PHA pilot installation was visited and the different steps of the process were explained. After the visit, we presented and discussed the progress of the different activities that are related to the PHA pilot. Such as the accumulation of PHA, the extraction of PHA and the decision support tool (DST) that will be developed in the Wow! project. The discussion let to a lot of new insights, ideas and actions showing that a good cooperation is really useful. The meeting will certainly be continued.

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