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Sewage contains valuable substances that can be used as raw materials for biobased products. WOW! has shown that recovery of raw materials from sewage is technically possible and that there is a potential market opportunity for these raw materials. However, to date this potential has hardly been exploited to its full potential in Europe resulting in loss of valuable materials, CO2-emmissions and less efficient use of natural resources.

Based on the information gathered in the report Critical success factors for valorization routes, two important drivers can be distinguished that determine whether resource recovery from sewage becomes a success in the EU:

  1. Acceptance of raw materials from sewage
  1. Policies related to use of products from sewage

The drivers and critical success factors are elaborated further in the National Policy Action Plans which you can download below:



Action plan Luxembourg (English)
Action plan Luxembourg (Luxembourgish) 
Action plan Luxembourg (French)
Action plan Luxembourg (Portuguese) 
Action plan Luxembourg (German) 


Action plan Netherlands (English)
Action plan Netherlands (Dutch) 


Action plan Germany  (English) 
Action plan Germany (German) 


Action plan Flanders (English)
Action plan Flanders (Dutch)

United Kingdom: 

Action plan United Kingdom (English) 

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