First event WOW!

Sewage consists of many valuable raw materials. But why is only 1%  re-used? Katrien Bijl, project leader of the WOW! project kicks off the first WOW! event in Leuven. “In the WOW! project we want to show that it is technically possible to subtract raw materials from sewage in relation to their use as bio-based products for different markets. Creating a European framework for the legal and policy challenges in sewage treatment is also one of our goals”. During the event companies, governments and scientists listened to the inspiring presentations of the project partners which resulted in interesting discussions.  

Luc Kikkert, Director of Kiemt, was the guest speaker of this afternoon. He inspired the audience with his story about cooperating in the circular economy. He ended his presentation with the words “ We have to stop buying things, and if we do then it has to be circular or Biobased”.

Then, it was time to zoom in to the circularity of sewage. Within WOW! we will produce and extract PHA to make bioplastics, accumulate and extract lipids to make biofuel and use cellulose to make bio-oil and biochar. The results of each pilot was presented by the project partners of WOW!. Despite of the fact that research still takes place, the audience was surprised by the positive results so far.

Coos Wessels, Technical Director at CirTec, ended the day with the legal and policy challenges that still block a circular approach in sewage treatment.

The first WOW! event was a great success. We thank the audience for their presence and valuable input in the discussions. We look forward to share our results with you next year!

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