Scottish specialists team up to unlock innovation

Experts from Scottish Water and the James Hutton Institute have teamed up to lead and deliver the Water Test Network, which also links specialists in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Fourteen locations across North West Europe form the network of operational-scale facilities that allow innovative new technology to be brought to market-ready status quicker for the benefit of water users and consumers. The five-nation link-up was unveiled in Brussels in December and January 30 marks the launch of the network in the UK.


Paul Kerr of the water utility’s commercial subsidiary Scottish Water Horizons, which operates the development centres, said: “Bringing bold new solutions to market that will benefit water users wherever they are will significantly enhance how we protect and enhance water quality and ensure our environment is safeguarded. “Working collaboratively with international partners both commercially and academically unlocks great potential across the industry to ensure water supply and management is as resilient as it can be. It’s great to be able to speak to so many people here in Glasgow with an interest in how biotechnology can assist water and waste water management, sustainability and the environment.”


Dr Richard Allan of the James Hutton Institute said: “The Water Test Network represents a unique partnership of organisations which is fully focused on supporting small to medium businesses to accelerate their innovations to market.For the first time industry and academic partners have created a network of assets that come under a common virtual campus and provide dynamic testing facilities tailored to the water sector ambitions.”

To find out about trials taking place the development centres, visit:

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