What will happen after the UK game jam?

The game jams phase is over!
The UK game jam which took place on 26-27 March at Teesside University - Darlington, was the last event before the challenges.

During this occasion, the groups SyncVR & Get out! worked to realize two different prototypes of VR solutions for pain management: a social integration system against social isolation (SyncVR), and a virtual reality game to motivate patients while exercising and change their perception while playing (Get out!).

The UK game jam

During these two days of hard work, the groups had the opportunity to improve their demos thanks to the support provided by the VR4REHAB team. Victor Haze (Health Valley Netherlands) helped the participants in drafting the business plan to be pitched on the last day, while the coaches of Game Solutions Lab assisted the groups in the designing process.
Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to interact with patients living with chronic pain, who tried the prototypes and provided feedback concerning the usability of the applications.

Last but not least, inspiration was part of the event thanks to the parallel comic jam which involved the students of the Teesside University’s BA Comics, Graphic Novels & Sequential Art worked on the idea of chronic pain.
They realized novel graphics on this topic, giving a great contribution to the UK game jam.

The challenges

At the end of the event, the VR4REHAB team was really impressed by the prototypes developed by SyncVR and Get out! and the jury decided to go forward to the evaluation phase with both teams.

We can't wait to start the last stage of the project: the challenges.
During the next year, the solutions created will be subject to a set of feasibility tests which will be carried out in laboratories to measure the interaction between the application, patients, and therapists.
The final goal? To introduce these new VR/AR games into the market.
Stay tuned!

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