VR4REHAB meeting in Nijmegen (NL): a great cooperation opportunity.

On 13th March 2019, the VR4REHAB team had the opportunity to meet in Nijmegen (NL) during the Health Valley international event, the biggest and most leading National Congress in the field of health-care development.

The VR4REHAB project meeting was held during this important event: it was an added value for the consortium because the project partners had the chance to establish new connections with stakeholders active in the health-care field.

Moreover, during the meeting, the VR4REHAB team defined the new challenges to be faced in the next months. The project, in fact, is getting into a different and exciting phase: the challenges. For each application, a set of feasibility tests will be carried out in laboratories.
According to the theme addressed, developers will have the opportunity to work together with SMEs and clinical partners, acquiring specific knowledge of medical-related conditions in which the games/applications should be integrated. The result of this process will lead to novel patient treatment protocols, to be introduced into the market.

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