The team Hands around the world wins the Dutch Game Jam

The teams Movin(g) reality, Trunky XL and Hands around the world presented their prototypes at the Dutch game jam (Sint Maartenskliniek, 21-22 Feb. 2019).
The jury made a difficult choice, but in the end, they awarded Hands around the world with a special prize: a visit to a VR company in Eindhoven (NL) to get new inputs and inspiration for their work.

The prototypes

The group Hands around the world has developed a prototype for the training of the hand function for children with Cerebral Palsy. The ultimate goal of the concept is the possibility, for patients, to make therapy at home.

The concept of Movin(g) reality is based on augmented reality in combination with sensors. This solution aims to improve the walking skills of post-stroke patients.

Trunky XL also uses sensors but in combination with virtual reality. They expect patients to achieve major improvements with the additional training of the trunk balance.

All three concepts will be further tested within the framework of the VR4REHAB project. During the challenges phase a set of feasibility tests – evaluating the interaction between the application, patients, and therapists – will be carried for each application. The goal is to introduce the new VR&AR games into the market.


VR4REHAB next event

UK Game Jams:

  • Dates: 26-27 March 2019;


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