Road to the Game Jams

After the preparation events, the teams participating in the project VR4REHAB are ready for the final Game Jams.
The first of these workshops is the German Game Jam (1-3 February 2019, Meerbusch), focused on the clinical theme "behavioral and cognitive training in children with brain injury".


During the Preparation Game Jams, the groups had the opportunity to discuss with the VR4REHAB team about the support needed to produce a prototype of the solution they are working on, and how to exploit their idea in order to commercialize it.

At the final Game Jams, the teams will further elaborate the concepts and realize their ideas into applications. Each Game jam will end with pitches for a jury, selecting the best concept per theme.


VR travellers and Crystal ball are the teams who won the German Hackathon.

After their inspiring visit to the VR lab and TORE facility in Lille University on 26-27 November 2018, finally, they have the chance to develop their concepts in a working prototype.

We look forward to seeing the results!

See you all on 1-2-3 February 2019 at the St. Mauritius Therapieklinik, 111 Strumperstrasse, Meerbusch, 40670, Germany.

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