Breaking news from the VR4REHAB project. The program of the Dutch Game Jam has been modified, and the event will be divided in two steps: the “Preparation of the Game Jams” and the “Final Game Jam”.

During the first event, on November 29th and 30th 2018, the teams participating in the Dutch Game Jam will have the opportunity to meet with our support team and discuss about technology, business model, technique and design, in order to improve the concepts they developed during the hackathons and identify the most suitable technologies to build up a new prototype. Operative support will be provided by: the Tech Team (University of Lille-Science and technology), the Coaches Teams (Game Solutions Lab & EuroVR), and the Health-care Mentors (Sint Maartenskliniek).


In this way, VR4REHAB will support the participants to set up teams able to cover the different disciplines needed for developing a prototype (entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, clinical personnel and to get ready for the second step: the Dutch Game Jams (February 2019). In this occasion, the groups will have the chance to actually realize their ideas into a workable demo. The event ends with pitches for a jury, and the best prototype will become a real application during the Challenges.

The groups participating in the two Dutch Game Jams will be contacted by the event organizers for further information.

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