Games for Health Conference 2019

Summer holidays are over, and VR4REHAB teams are back to work. We have planned the next dissemination opportunity for our groups: the Games for Health Conference. They have the chance to take part in the event, and to spread out their results and showcasing the application they developed.

As announced at the Challenges Kick-Off meeting in Eindhoven, all teams are invited to pitch their concepts or prototypes at the 9th Games for Health Europe conference. This is a unique opportunity for the groups to get feedback from an international audience, and to meet with potential future users or business partners.

The pitches

The pitches are scheduled on Tuesday, October 8th, between 14:15hrs and 15:45hrs, as part of the REHAB session in the afternoon with two other talks. One by Beant Kaur Dhillon - Come, play with me! - User research with children with Cerebral Palsy and the other by Fares Kayali - Augmented Reality Games in Phantom Limb Pain Therapy.

Each pitch will take 10 minutes, 1-2 questions from the audience to be included. Remco Hoogendijk from the Sint Maartenskliniek will moderate the session.

Also, the groups will have the opportunity to present their prototypes during the two conference days at the startup area on the exhibition floor.


Are you a team member and you want to participate? What do you need to do? Confirm your participation to VR4REHAB project manager Daniëlle Hendriks,

AND, complete the Speaker Confirmation Form and send it. This is the link to the form. Don’t forget to provide the required photo as asked in the form.

If you want to present your product during the conference, complete the Exhibition Confirmation Form, via this link, select the option “standing demo table”, and indicate under questions “VR4REHAB team”.


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