French Hackathon: VR4REHAB experience in Lille

The French VR4REHAB Hackathon took place from 14 to 15 June by Plaine Images, a hub for creative industries in Tourcoing-Lille, and It has been organized thanks to the collaboration with the Université Lille Science et technologies. Thanks to Prof. Laurent Grisoni and his team from Lille University, the Hackathon has reached a large audience, made by students, tech professionals and medical expert.

The VR4REHAB Hackathon format consists in a two days-workshop which goal is to design new virtual reality applications that promote better function for patients and children with disabilities.

During the Hackathon the participants were divided in 5 groups: each team have worked on 5 clinical themes, designing new concepts for rehabilitation with virtual reality-based tools.

The participants were very active, and lots of brilliant ideas emerged during the event: they proposed virtual reality applications which could help in keeping the motivation high, and new ways to include creativity in rehabilitation activities.

The workshop was enriched by speech and talks held by the VR4REHAB team: Laurent Grisoni from Université de Lille 1 - Sciences et Technologies, Remco Hoogendijk from Sint Maartenskliniek, René Luigies from Games for Health Europe, Kristina Müller from St. Mauritius Therapieklinik, Denis Martin from Teesside University and Dido Green from Royal Free London NHS Trust.

They helped the participants to improve the concepts elaborated providing suggestions related to business models and the concrete application of virtual reality tools for health care.

The winner of the French Hackathon was group n. 5: they designed a concept concerning the rehabilitation of upper limb movement, which aims to keep patients motivated during their rehabilitation activities by using music and creativity.

VR4REHAB team is very happy with the ideas emerged, the enthusiasm of the participants.

We can’t wait for the next Hackathon in London, from 4-5 July

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