Crystal ball and VR Travellers: the winners of the German Hackathon visiting TORE

On November 26-27 2018, the teams d VR Travellers and Crystal ball will travel to Lille University - Science and Technologies to visit the Open Reality Experience (TORE) facility.

Crystal ball and VR travellers are two groups that participated in the German Hackathon on Sept. 14th -16th 2018 at the St. Mauritius Therapieklinik in Meerbusch. During the workshop, the teams developed two brilliant concepts for rehabilitation with virtual and augmented reality technologies, which were awarded by the jury.

Crystal ball and VR travelers won a journey to the project partner Lille University - Science and Technologies to experience the Open Reality Experience (TORE) facility: a leading-edge virtual reality equipment enabling an immersive experience of 3D virtual environments.

Capable of housing up to 20 people, TORE provides a 180-degree view display, indeed the screen is bent in such a way that it avoids sharp edges, hence offering an unprecedented experience compared to existing immersive rooms. Funded by the EquipEx IrDIVE (Innovation Research in the Digital and Interactive Visual Environments), the ANR (National Agency for Research) and the European Regional Development Fund, TORE is a full-fledged part of the SCV (Sciences et Cultures du Visuel) initiative.

We hope this experience will enrich and motivate Crystal ball and VR Tavellers team members, and get them ready for the Game Jams.

Follow their experience on VR4REHAB social media channels on November 26-27 2018.

Stay tuned!

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