Challenges: Dutch kick-off in Eindhoven

Game Solutions Lab – TAC Building, Eindhoven (NL)

20 June 2019 - 21 June 2019

After the successful Hackathons and Game Jam sessions, now is the time to get prepared for the final step: the Challenges. We start with a Kick-off session on June 20-21:


Thursday June 20 and Friday June 21


09:30 Thursday


15:30 Friday


Game Solutions Lab – TAC Building


Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven, The Netherlands



During this meeting there will be workshops hosted by experts covering the following topics:

  • Gameplay and Design: What is your game about, how was it designed, and what makes it ‘sticky’ for people to continue playing?
  • Prototype development: Does your prototype comply with the requirements for the Challenges. And if not, what needs to be adjusted?
  • Technical solutions: Are the technical solutions you’ve chosen feasible for practical implementation. Which technical challenges are you facing, and how can we solve them?
  • Drafting the research plan: What will you be investigating? Have you considered the following essentials: What are the outcome parameters (end-points)? What are in- and exclusion criteria for participants? How are dropouts handled? What statistics do you use? Who is involved in the research phase, how much time is needed? Can it be integrated into daily therapy or is a test setting necessary?
  • Dissemination: How do you make the results public? What media/papers/ publications do you anticipate for dissemination?
  • Legislation: Does your concept/prototype comply with current and future legislation? Bearing in mind the new Medical Device Regulations (May 2020) and Privacy Law.
  • Marketing & Sales: Have you thought about the way to bring your game to the market? E.g. license agreement, direct sales, selling to third parties? And how do you plan to finance this?
  • Management and funding: How will you organize the distribution of your games, what type of organization is required and how will funding be arranged?

These 2 days will be a Deep Dive into your projects. At the end of this Kick-Off meeting, you will have a list of to-do’s, a take-home message, and a complete action plan to enter the Challenge phase.

Don’t miss this important meeting. Make sure you and your team attend to bring your game to the next stage. Register here.


Day 1 - Thursday, June 20

9:00 Walk-in & Registration 

9:30 Welcome - Remco Hoogendijk

9:45 Inspiration Session - Manon Junggeburth

10:05 Presentations teams -Team Leaders

11:05 Online Library - Sonia Lorini

11:15 Break Out Working Sessions In teams
Coffee / Tea / Drinks on hands

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Deep Dive Consult Sessions
Introduction - René Luigies
CbusineZ Parallel - Freek van Gerven
Hyper Space Institute Parallel - Frederique Manders
Communications Parallel - Sonia Lorini
Challenge settings Parallel - Noël Keijsers

15:30 Working session

16:00 Wrap up / Needs 

16:30 Drinks & BBQ For all who registered

Day 2 - Friday, June 21

9:00 Doors Open & Registration

9:30 User confrontation - Joost Hermans

10:00 Deep Dive Consult Sessions
Introduction - René Luigies
Rabobank Parallel - John Paul van Heel
Brainport Parallel - Ruud van Iwaarden
van Iersel Luchtman Parallel - René Otto
Challenge settings Parallel - Noël Keijsers
Coffee / Tea / Drinks on hands

12:30 Working lunch

14:30 Present your research plan

15:25 Closing remarks All t.b.a.

15:30 Finish - Depart

Venue: Game Solutions Lab – TAC Building
Theater Zaal
Address: Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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