WP LT - Survey questionnaire on potential adoption of UVRobot technology in NWE

Within the framework of the Work-Package LT, a survey has been performed to figure out how much the European growers would be interested in the new solution developed by the UV-Robot project and what would be their eventual needs regarding this new technology.

The survey is based on a questionnaire that was sent to selected grower in the NWE region. The responses can be used, among other things, to predict the level of adoption of the proposed UV-Robot solution, estimate its long-term effect and evaluate the effectiveness of different possibilities to offer it to the targeted end-users. Three commercial alternatives for the product were suggested: renting, purchasing services or buying the robot.
The results of the questionnaire were statistically analyzed and the main conclusions were drawn. Some illustrative examples of the statistical analysis performed based on the questionnaire responses are given in the figures below.

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