Which is the optimal dose of UV-C in tomato?

The UV-ROBOT trial on tomato has started in march at the research station in Hoogstraten (Belgium). This trial runs in 2 identic compartments. 8 different objects with 4 repetitions are spread over these 2 compartments. As in 2018 the mean objective of this trial is to know the right dose of UV-C light that should be applied. This year we chose for lower doses of 30 to 240 J/m², to have a lower effect on plant health. UV-C light is applied during daytime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In this experiment there are two references: biological and chemical treatments. The combination of UV-C with the biological control is also tested in this experiment. This experiment focuses on  Mildew. Beside Mildew, phytotoxicity on the plant is also monitored. Trials of 2018 showed some fruit damage when the highest dose of UVC was applied, we will thus keep an eye on this in 2019. IPM is really important in tomato cultivation, UV-C should be compatible with it. Therefore Macrolophus will be monitored in the vegetation, as well as white fly. Other pests might also be monitored if they appear. Beside the effect on beneficial insects and pests, the production is an important parameter for growers. UV-C treatments were started in the beginning of April with a preventive dose. One week later, we inoculated mildew. The trial will end mid-August. Figure 1 shows the first results of controlling mildew with the UVC.

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