2022 the control of tomato russet mite (TRM) with UV-C applications

UV-C applications were done during the day, three times a week. The tomato russet mite was introduced in the compartment by TRM infected leaves before we started the UV-C treatments. A score system was used to survey the population of TRM. Zero means no signs or damage of TRM on the plants. Seven is given if the plants were dying.  First results on these TRM control system are promising. The figure shows an effect of UV-C on the development of the TRM on the plants. Particularly the highest dose of 120 J/m² seems to reduce the amount of damage in this trial. However the UV-C was not able to stop the population of the TRM, only a reduction. More research is needed, especially with night time treatments, were we know we can apply lower doses of UV-C with the same results as during the day. 



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