Autonomous UV-C application on tabletop strawberries to control mildew

Wednesday 20 September 2019 Proefcentrum Hoogstraten organized the first workshop of the UV-ROBOT project. This workshop about autonomous UV-C application on tabletop strawberries to control mildew gave the opportunity to present the project and the first results. Three speakers prepared a presentation for the audience containing strawberry growers, researchers and journalists.

First Stef Laurijssen introduced the UV-ROBOT Interreg project. The aims and the different work packages were discussed. After this the results of the UV-C trails were presented to the audience. The importance of optimization of the UV-C dosage and the development of autonomous robots were both subject of the presentation. Next Peter Melis informed the audience about the computability of UV-C with IPM. After this Lucas Coosemans (Octinion) presented the development of the robot and the possibilities of autonomous navigation in greenhouses. To end with the audience had the opportunity to see a UV-C treatment in the greenhouse.

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