UV Robot : Basil

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Here in North Yorkshire, Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) is hard at work investigating the efficacy of UVC light for incorporation into existing Integrated Pest Management strategies primarily for the treatment of Basil Downy Mildew (caused by the fungal pathogen Peronospora belbahrii), but also delving into the effects of UVC light on Botrytis and both pests and beneficials. Read More

New trial at PSKW

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A new trial is planted today at the research station for vegetable production in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The trial is being planted in a greenhouse with a high Bremia pressure. We will therefore not inoculate the lettuce afterwards, nor create a disease prone climate, like was done in previous trials. In those previous trials the Bremia infection was always too heavy to show significant working of the UV-robot. We hope the softer Bremia infection will lead to a better working of the UV-robot. Read More

First workshop UV-ROBOT

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Wednesday 20 September 2019 Proefcentrum Hoogstraten organized the first workshop of the UV-ROBOT project. This workshop about autonomous UV-C application on tabletop strawberries to control mildew gave the opportunity to present the project and the first results. Three speakers prepared a presentation for the audience containing strawberry growers, researchers and journalists. Read More