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60 Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße, Kaiserslautern, 67663 Germany


TUK is the sole Technology and Natural Sciences Univ. in the state R-P. The research areas of the Institute for Construction Material Technology are: concrete technology, rheology, high-performance concrete, concrete with recycled aggregates, mineral coatings, cement-bounded materials in the field of drinking and waste water, protection and repair, corrosion and corrosion protection of reinforced concrete, use of computer tomography for building materimaterials, 3D cement based printing.

Thematic priorities:

  • Resource & materials efficiency

Involved in

Resource & materials efficiency

URBCON - By-products for sustainable concrete in the urban environment

Reducing the use of raw materials and the CO2 emissions from construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure in cities.

Status: ongoing

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