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EPD – Environmental product declaration for Straw as insulation material (UK)

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The purpose of this EPD is to compile environmental data of materials and products used in the built environment. So that the environmental data can be used in calculations of buildings and / or civil works or an LCA of the final product. Find all the details of the report on the ESBA website: Read More

Straw building official context and Policy report (UK)

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Barbara Jones and Eileen Sutherland from the School of Natural Building, have piloted this report with the participation of John Butler, sustainability consultant and Julia Bennett, architect, both of whom are well known in the UK for their work on green building development. This report presents a survey of public policies and regulations in the five project partner countries over the period 2018-2020. It identifies current barriers and aims to list specific actions to be implemented to foster the development of the straw building market, particularly for public buildings. Read More

Yearbook French version

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The Belgian and French partners have produced an enriched edition of the 2021 directory in French with specificities linked to these two countries. Called "Guide construction paille" it is intended for public investment. It was distributed at the closing event of the UP STRAW project, on 7 December 2021 in Orléans. Read More