UP STRAW: Urban and Public Buildings in Straw

Project Summary

STRAW: premium biobased building material

Creating a healthy and comfortable inner climate in buildings and reducing CO2 can go hand-in-hand! Building with straw, in combination with clay, has this effect.

CO2 reduction takes place by optimal insulation and by the CO2 contained in the natural material straw itself. The use of straw and clay creates a healhy, dampopen inner climate.

Straw is widely available and can be applied in new constructions (houses, offices, schools, public buildings). Straw is also applicable for the insulation of existing buildings. Straw can be used immediately from the production location (farmland), without a further processing.

This makes straw the premium biobased building material.


UP STRAW: a collaborative approach to creating straw awareness and use

Heating all of the buildings in NWE accounts for about 15% of the GHG emissions. The implementatie/application of straw as building insulation helps to reduce that in a natural way.

We will demonstratie that in five projects: buildings made of bales, wrapped in straw and created with prefab straw panels. Ready for implementation in the building industry.

Educational programs for architects, constructors and straw craftsman will facilitate knowledge development. University modulair program elements make students aware of the possibilities and application conditions.

Implementation of straw elements in building methodology and Building Information Modelling software will facilitate the use of straw elements in the building industry.

Communicating the advantages, application and the effects of building with straw will create interest in the possibilities and application.


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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Centre National de la Construction en Paille 69 bis rue des Déportés et des Internés
stephanie.ventre@cncp-feuillette.fr www.cncp-feuillette.fr
Name Contact Name Email Country
Strobouw Nederland Wouter Klijn wouter@strobouw.nl Netherlands
Plankstetten Benedictine Abbey Benedikt Kaesberg Benedikt.Kaesberg@kloster-plankstetten.de Germany
Hastings Borough Council Rachel Ellis Rachel.Ellis@groundwork.org.uk United Kingdom
The School of Natural Building Eileen Sutherland eileen@schoolofnaturalbuilding.co.uk United Kingdom
Gemeente Tilburg Ruud Oerlemans ruud.oerlemans@tilburg.nl Netherlands
Cluster Eco-construction Hervé-Jacques Poskin hj@ecoconstruction.be Belgium

Action & Activity

A directory of straw construction professionals (FR)

Posted on

A directory of straw construction professionals in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region In order to stimulate local dynamics and facilitate the visibility of stakeholders, Résonance Paille and the ODEYS cluster have produced a directory of building professionals in New Aquitaine and members of the RFCP. This was organized according to the main categories: - Professionals (project managers, engineering, construction, others), - Training organizations providing “Pro-Paille” training, - Suppliers of straw bales, validated by Résonance Paille. Identified by the “Pro-Paille” logo, this accreditation, obtained on successful completion of the “Pro-Paille” training exam, certifies that the professional is authorized to design and / or make straw buildings. Read More

Submission of fire test reports Private establishment Emmanuel d'Alzon (FR)

Posted on

Following LEPIR II * and SBi ** fire tests on a wood, straw, plaster frame configuration, funded by SCI Sainte-Anne, contracting authority for the private establishment Emmanuel d'Alzon, Mrs. Nicole Lalanne, president of the SCI, officially donated to the RFCP two analysis reports and authorized: - The RFCP (French Straw Construction Network) to publish and disseminate to a large public the results and the Minutes of these reports. - Any project owner to use the test results for their own projects. And thus demonstrate that straw material has its place in construction! // * The LEPIR test consists of soliciting a facade mounted on a room with 2 levels. The fireplace, consisting of a pyre, is located in the room on the ground floor. / Source CSTB ** Single Burning Item: to subject a product to heat and study its behavior. / Source CSTB Read More

Training Experts in straw construction (FR)

Posted on

From October 16 to 18, the first co-training and selection of straw construction experts took place. After 3 days of work, a new selection process emerged for access to training, content for the training of the core curriculum and final validation. It is planned that this process will be tested and will succeed at the next national straw construction meetings, at the end of May 2020. Read More

Custom straw bales (FR)

Posted on

In Normandy, the UP STRAW project focuses on the development of a supply chain of bale of straw from the cereal plain of Caen. To implement this project, a new structure, the ACCORT-Paille Normandie agency, was created in August 2019 and creates additional momentum for the development of the straw construction market in Normandy. A meeting of the industry, last October 4, brought together building professionals and farmers around this structuring project. Read More


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