Reaching out to businesses

Scholars collaborating on the TRANSFROM-CE project have been studying good practices of Circular Economy Business Models. These lessons are being used to support companies that want to establish a circular business, or transform their current business in order to be ready for a circular economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the regions involved in the project can benefit from this in-depth support. 

Next to lessons learned shared through webinars and case studies, support from the project can include various other activities. For example, we provide recycled filament for 3D printing and samples from recycled feedstock. There are business development workshops and we execute circular product assessments for companies. Product and material tests are done, and we offer life cycle evaluations. 

The support activities part of TRANSFORM-CE are being studied and captured in in-depth case studies. These case studies introduce the companies involved, and assess product development and product management. As with the good practice case studies, the lessons learned from these studies are disseminated through case study reports on the website of TRANSFORM-CE, webinars, workshops and reading materials. 

Support / research can include:

  • Circular product assessment
  • Recycled filament
  • Recycled IEM samples
  • Product and material testing
  • Life Cycle Evaluation
  • Circular business model workshop
  • Guidelines for the the acceptance of products
  • Webinars on:
    -Soft market testing
    -SUP as raw material
    -AM and IEM production techniques

We invite companies to join. Please contact the TRANSFROM-CE partner in your country.

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