Meet the Partners: Materia Nova

Materia Nova are a technology and innovation consultancy with offices in Belgium and Germany. Acting as a bridge between research and industry, their team of specialists employ a combination of creative, contextual and collective intelligence to carry out research and development that has a real and significant impact in the real world. Materia Nova offer specialist expertise in process development, material innovation, and smart, connected devices, with relevance to a wide range of industries.

As a partner organisation in the TRANSFORM-CE project, Materia Nova are providing specialist knowledge, process experimentation and material testing services as part of the technical analysis work package. Their research and findings will help to support business uptake of recycled plastic feedstocks by understanding their composition and quality. The resulting AM filaments and IEM products produced will also be tested to understand their performance and suitability for various applications. Where specialist or improved performance of materials is needed, Materia Nova will create new formulations with the inclusion of additives to meet requirements.

To assess the sustainability of the solutions developed, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will be carried out for both the Additive Manufacturing and Intrusion Extrusion Moulding processes. Complementing this, a study into the quality of the recycled materials after multiple cycles will be completed to establish the maximum number of times they can be reprocessed successfully.

Throughout the TRANSFORM CE project Materia Nova is acting as a research and development centre, whilst producing small quantities of 3D printing filament for businesses to trial. For more information on Materia Nova, visit

  • Soumaya Lafqir – Additive Manufacture (AM)
  • Olivier Talon – Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

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