Bram Peters of the Green Plastic Factory wins a Circular Award!

The Circular Awards are annual awards in the Netherlands in association with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management awarded to companies, government bodies and individuals in different categories. We are proud to announce that TRANSFORM-CE partner Bram Peters of Save Plastics was one of three winners of a Circular Award in the Circular Hero 2022 category. Well done Bram!

The Circular Award  jury was impressed with Bram’s drive and mission to ‘save’ plastic from incineration and the environment by reusing it to make other products in a circular system. He diverts more than two million kilos of plastic waste every year from incineration or landfill, viewing it not as plastic waste, but as a valuable resource. In doing so, not only is he ridding the environment of plastic, but is also lowering CO2 emissions from incineration and the export of waste plastic for incineration abroad, largely to Asia.


Turning a love for nature and idealism into a successful business

According to the Circular Award jury, Bram exemplifies that idealism can be turned into a successful business. Bram has loved nature his whole life and he started his working life as a forest ranger. He changed direction radically in 2010 when he set up Save Plastics with his wife. In its Green Plastic Factory in the city of Almere in the Netherlands, Save Plastics takes plastic waste from the Municipality of Almere and melts it to make raw plastic feedstock. This is used to produce a wide range of products which are then sold to the Municipality, housing corporations and others. The products include street furniture, pontoons, lamp posts, river bank protection and building materials. Green Plastic Factory products can be seen all over the Netherlands. They are durable, lasting about 50 years after which they can be recycled another 10 times. The Green Plastic Factory has even produced a modular house from recycled plastic which will be displayed at the Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere in October.

Save Plastics is one of the top 25 green companies in the Netherlands and supplies almost all the municipalities, provinces and water authorities in the country. Its Green Plastic Factory was partly made possible by TRANSFORM-CE which promotes the circular economy and the use of recyclates in North West Europe.

Green Plastic Factories everywhere

One of Bram’s dreams is for the Green Plastic Factory to go worldwide. At the moment there are Green Plastic Factories in Peru and the Dominican Republic and talks are underway with a host of other locations to also set up Green Plastic Factories. Thus, Bram proves that circularity has the potential to be a solid business model.

Congratulations, Bram, you deserve it!

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