Business Case Study #3: Haval

One of the activities of the TRANSFORM-CE project is researching circular business models of companies. In July 2021 a new law goes into effect, banning many plastic SUP disposables. This has a huge impact on the business of @Haval, who has been producing such products for over 35 years. Instead of going for easy solutions to circumvent the rules (by using other materials), Haval decided to take an entirely different approach, undergoing a transition from single-use to multiple-use products. They have recently created a specific product line called ‘Circulware’, specifically created for events and festivals, including reusable food trays and chips trays. Furthermore, Haval is actively researching the use of watermarks, which may (in the future) allow for sorting between food and non-food products, and allow for smaller products to be sorted.

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