IrBEA webinar on THREE C as part of the Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2020

IrBEA were asked to participate in the Bioeconomy Ireland 2020 event – a weeklong event full of different online digital webinars, launches, information sessions and workshops showcasing just some of the projects, initiatives and businesses who are forging a path in the bioeconomy. The invitation to participate came from a member of the Bioeconomy Implementation Group, a working group from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). IrBEA decided to use the national platform to hold an Irish launch of the project. The 2 hour event featured presentations on the bioeconomy potential in Ireland, an overview of the THREE C project in Ireland, an update on the potential at a farm level from Welsh THREE C partners at Cwm Harry and a presentation from Arigna Biofuels about their torrefaction facility in the West of Ireland. The presenters then held a question and answers segment. The event, which saw over 100 people register, took place in a week of activities which covered topics such as seaweed and grass biorefineries, innovative microwave technology for the pre-treatment of dairy fats oils and grease (FOGS) for anaerobic digestion facilities and bioeconomy projects looking at symbiosis between beer manufacturers and waste bread, a company developing protein from insects and a project looking at valorising fruit and vegetable waste for the production of new food fibre ingredients. The events highlighted the potential for integration of a circular carbon economy alongside the broader, developing bioeconomy sector.

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