THREE C - Creating and sustaining Charcoal value chains to promote a Circular Carbon economy in NWE Europe

Project Summary

THREE C aims at the development and introduction of economically viable value chains based on charcoal raw materials from waste biomass in NWE.
The project is based on the predecessor project RE-DIRECT, which has shown that it is possible and sustainable to use charcoal as an alternative raw material for products in the agricultural, waste water, health and cosmetics industries.
The project will promote the development of high quality products and value chains based on charcoal raw materials in the participating regions in DE, BE, UK, IE, FR and NL in order to introduce a climate-friendly and sustainable Circular Carbon Economy in NWE.
The project is led by an interdisciplinary project team of universities, public institutions, business support and regional development agencies and experts in capacity building, investment and  marketing.

During the project period:

  • 7 regional Circular Carbon Hubs (CC-Hubs) will be established for product and business development and marketing, Circular Carbon-Labs (CC-Labs) will develop quality control mechanisms for tailor-made products and raw materials,
  • 1 European umbrella organisation (CC-Net) provides business support, continuous vocational training and advice for SMEs in the new sector.
  • 3 Investments for a mobile demonstration plant, a central prototype quality laboratory and a CC-Hub in a remote rural area will be realised.

A total of 250 stakeholders working in product and service development in the new sector will be supported over the duration of the project, including professionals from at least 14 start-ups and 70 SMEs. 21 product lines and value chains will be developed in all regions and sectors. Europe-wide marketing and supply will be promoted via the CC-Net and its European marketing platform for charcoal products.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Universität Kassel 19 Mönchebergstrasse
Name Contact Name Email Country
Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik der Stadt Baden-Baden Olaf Herrmann Germany
Trendhuis Nathalie Bekx Belgium
blended learning institutions' cooperative, blinc eG Tim Scholze Germany
Asiantaeth Ynni Severn Wye Energy Agency Rachel Smith United Kingdom
Cwm Harry Land Trust Colin Keyse United Kingdom
Aberystwyth University Luned Roberts United Kingdom
Association d’Initiatives Locales pour l’Energie et l’Environnement Marc Le Tréïs France
UniLaSalle Abdoulaye Kane France
Irish Bioenergy Association Seán Finan Ireland
Bretagne Eco-Entreprises Loïc Evain France
Pro Natura Tom Anthonis Belgium
Gemeente Apeldoorn Adriaan Hellemans Netherlands


Virtual Project Kick-Off

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As a replacement for the cancelled meeting in March, a virtual kick-off of THREE C has now taken place. With the help of various digital collaboration tools, an interactive exchange was facilitated on 5 June where the new project partners could get to know each other. Read More

THREE C project inaugurated

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The THREE C consortium met on 22.01.2020 in the premises of the Belgian partner Trendhuis. The aim was to get to know to each other and to the project in more detail. Some of the partners have worked together previously in the RE-DIRECT project, whereas others joined the project team for THREE C. Read More

Seven Circular Carbon Hubs (CC-Hubs) will be established all over North-West Europe, adapted to the regional conditions. The CC-Hubs will bring together all important stakeholders to develop local concepts for a regional  Circular Carbon Economy: collectors, convergers, producers as well as B2B/B2C customers and investors.

At the Hubs, local SMEs and start-ups will get access to services like co-working, counselling, training, and networking. Additional business support will be introduced in the form of a voucher scheme. It will offer  opportunities and resources to develop products and services for the regional and interregional CCE, among other incubators, quality assurance and improvement facilities.


Three Circular Carbon-Labs (CC-Labs) will develop quality control mechanisms for tailor-made products and raw materials.

The CC-Labs will be linked to the CC-Hubs to provide their valuable expertise to stakeholders in order to support the product and business development of the Circular Carbon Economy. Predestined product application examples will be examined in detail. A THREE C quality label will be introduced for products and producers, which will certify the proven quality.


A European umbrella organisation (CC-Net) will be established to assist all present and future participants in the creation and growth of the Circular Carbon Economy.

The CC-Net will be backed up by in-depth interregional market research and needs analyses. An online marketing platform, in combination with a supply chain management mechanism will be created to connect the regions with suitable investors.

The main stakeholders will be informed and trained on technical, environmental, and business aspects of the THREE C approach and enabled to inform, promote, and implement it in and beyond the project regions in NWE.

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