Fifth Enhanced Landfill Mining Symposium (ELFM V)

Leuven, Belgium

6 February 2020 - 6 February 2020

The fifth International Symposium on Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM V) is organised in Leuven (Belgium) on February 6, 2020, exactly 2 years after the previous ELFM symposium. The one-day event features a high-quality, “beyond-science-only” programme on Dynamic Landfill Management and Enhanced Landfill Mining (programme available here.

ELFM V provides the floor to invited international experts, as well as the early-stage researchers from the ETN NEW-MINE project who will present their final results. The Symposium includes two interactive debates about how Europe is going to deal with its 500,000 landfills.

Registration is for free for a maximum of 75 participants on a first come first served basis.

The fifth symposium will further develop the lessons learned from the previous symposium, ELFM-IV organised in February 2018, and from the 2nd seminar on ELFM in the European parliament.


RAWFILL supports the organisation of this event, Fred Nguyen from University of Liège will present geophysics as a: cost-effective exploration methods for landfills with results obtained in the RAWFILL project . Claudia Neculau from SPAQuE will focus on a Green New Deal for landfill mining in Wallonia

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