6th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management

Chania, Crete, Greece

4 September 2018 - 7 September 2018

This conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management provides in a series of training courses and workshops.

You can take part in one of the workshops:

  • Environmental odour: odour emission - dispersion - impact / risk assessment - abatement
  • Hyperspectral imaging applied to asbestos containing waste management
  • Management of plastics with brominated flame retardants and POP substances
  • Healthcare waste and circular flow economy: aspects inside recycling management and waste removal in Europe
  • Military chemical waste disposal: current trends and challenges
  • Plastic hazards in the oceans

Or training courses:

  • Special waste treatment and recovery
  • Treatment and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste and the securing or remediation of contaminated sites

There will also be a set of Special Issues of Waste Management Journal and Journal of Hazardous Materials compiled, based on a selected number of top research papers from this conference. The themes for these Special Issues are E-Waste Mining and Plastic Hazards and Threats.



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