Promising test by Knauf and Shipit

Bulk construction materials are often transported by waterway, but this is less common for pallets. Shipit is the owner of MS Oorderdam, a large vessel (up to 1 700 tons payload), capable of loading pallets thanks to its on-board crane. In collaboration with his client Knauf, they successfully tested the identification tools deployed as part of the ST4W project, paving the way for end-to-end visibility on the logistics chain. So, on 9th March 2020, MS Oorderdam carried 1,200 pallets of “MP 75” plaster bags from the Knauf factory in Engis (near Liège in Belgium) to the Shipit warehouse located in the port of Brussels. By avoiding the journey of 50 trucks, this promising performance shows that the congestion of dense urban areas can be solved.

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