Modal shift of construction material

Last Wednesday 12th of February 2020, the Pallet Shuttle Barge ZULU carried 196 pallets of construction materials from ROOSENS BETON (Seneffe) to GOBERT MATERIAUX (Anderlecht), for a total weight of 300 tons, the equivalent of 10 trucks. This modal transfer not only saved 3 tons of CO2, but it also saved time during loading and unloading operations. Johnny Zschau (Roosens Beton) specifies: "the loading and unloading time was 100 tons per hour". A promising performance tackling bottleneck issues and rush hour queues at warehouse and store docks of involved partners. The identification tools deployed as part of the ST4W project have been successfully tested. This data exchange will enable a closer cooperation between waterway actors and their supply chain partners.

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