Community Land Trust Case Studies

Community Land Trust Brussels

Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) is the pioneer of the CLT model on the European continent. Since its creation in 2012, CLTB has delivered 9 homes and is currently in the process of developing another 120 housing units. Future residents and neighbours participate in planning and are represented on the Board, together with representatives from the government of the Brussels Capital Region. CLTB is recognised as a social housing partner in the Brussels Housing Bill, and has strong ties with the Brussels Region. In 2017, CLTB received two important national awards, recognising its innovativeness in the field of housing.

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London CLT

London CLT was born out of the community organising efforts of Citizens UK – the national home of community organising – in response to the need for genuinely affordable homes in the capital. We remain rooted in the principles of community organising. However, London CLT is an independent organisation that is governed by its own members.

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Community Land Trust Ghent


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Authored by Lille de Ville. City of Lille is the lead Partner of the SHICC project. Contact:

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Dumfries And Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust

Authored by Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust. For more information:

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