Partner Update - October

London CLT

  • London CLT held a successful AGM this past month with over 130 attendees, which included non-members who came to learn more about the CLT movement. The AGM was a great opportunity for members to discuss and vote on changes, celebrate the successes of the year, and to get excited for the future.
  • At the AGM, attendees worked on developing a project impact tool, which is a goal of the SHICC project. A survey was taken at the event, and the data will be used to help measure the success and impact of the project.
  • Residents and their children talked about the impact of moving into a CLT has had on their lives during the AGM. At the exit survey, attendees said they left the event feeling inspired.

CLT Brussels

  • At Experimentdays 2018, a cohousing event in Berlin, CLTB led a workshop. Read more about the event here.
  • CLTB presented its model at Commoning for Housing Conference in Paris while working with global experts on new housing solutions for the world. Read more about the event here.
  • CLTB also worked with other community led housing initiatives at Fearless Cities Summit, which promotes a more open, transparent, and inclusive city management system. They contributed to the workshop titled “Housing for all: a right or a conquest? Different emancipation strategies.” Read more about it here.


Catch CLTB at these events:

  • CLTB is co-organising a conference and workshop event on housing projects focused on women with LOCI, AngelaD, and the Women’s University on 11-13 October in Brussels. More information can be found here.

Ville de Lille 

  • Organisme de Foncier Solidaire de la Métropole Lilloise (OFSML) first 2 housing projects are making significant progress. The Cosmopole operation, OFSML’s first, has received approval from the board for the 15th and final resident of the development. Additionally, the board has confirmed the selling prices of the 17 homes in its second operation, Renan.
  • The City of Lille presented on OFSML at a national seminar in Besançon, which was attended by many local officials and OFS.
  • Additionally, the City of Lille and OFSML meet for 2 days to start an informal OFS French network. The goal of this network will be to promote the model and to establish a reliable financial, legal, and regulatory framework by lobbying the public and private spheres.

Policy news:

  • Following the definition of the OFS and Bail Réel Solidaire in law 2 years ago, 6 OFSs have been certified by the government and an additional 20 initiatives have been identified.


  • FMDV has launched a new funding sources database, called “Mapping CLT Finance,” for urban CLTs in Europe. The database includes over 600 funding and finance sources.
  • Meant to work as an ongoing learning tool, the database will be used by CLT groups, local supportive hubs, local governments, and social housing providers.

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