Partner update - October 2019

Brussels CLT

Meanwhile use at Tivoli District site
The construction of Brussels CLT's new homes in the Tivoli District in Laeken won't start until 2021. As a way to make the most of the empty site and use it as an opportunity to engage and bring residents in the area, CLTB has partnered with GAG - a collective of residents and neighbourhood associations in the area.

GAG is creating a space for people to come together, hold meetings and play. They will also be selling waffles there to entice people. This is a nod and in celebration of the site's history, when in the 19th-century city-dwellers of all social classes would eat waffles there.

Time for reflection
CLTB joined others in the collaborative and social housing movement on 24 October to re-launch the CLT Wallonia Platform. The aim of the meeting was to reflect on how to support the growing CLT movement in the Walloon region. 

Press coverage
CLTB was profiled in an article: The Growth of the Global CLT Movement, Part 3: In Belgium, Non-Profit Associations Lead the Movement for Innovative Housing Solutions

City of Lille

Welcoming friend from across the world
On Wednesday 2 October, the City of Lille and the OFSML welcomed a delegation from Manaus, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). On Friday 11 October, a new delegation from Tokyo Metropolitan Government was been welcomed in Lille. The City of Lille and the OFSML led a presentation of the housing policy and the OFS model, with a visit of various housing projects including the first OFS project, Cosmopole and community-led operations.

Getting technical
The first technical committee regarding the proliferation of the OFS/BRS model across the city and metropolis has been held on Monday 7 October. Espacité presented a simulation of BRS operations in 2 contexts: priority neighbourhood (QPV) and social housing sale. The information provided will define the proliferation conditions of housing production into BRS.

Landmark research
The City of Lille attended the thesis defence of Mr Vincent le Rouzic on the OFS model “essais sur la post-propriété: les Organismes de Foncier Solidaire face au défi du logement abordable”. This is the first important research work in France on the OFS model.

CLT Ghent

Land negotiations continue
Details of CLT Ghent's negotiations to potentially but the site for their Meulestede development outright, rather than on a lease, where outlined in last month's update. These talks are continuing.

How to guide produced with support from the Flemish government
With the support of the Flemish government, CLT Ghent has prepared a guide to help start-up initiatives to set up a Community Land Trust. The guide highlights the main questions and points for attention and offers an overview of the steps to set up a CLT that provides for contemporary, affordable living. The Guide is written by Rasschaert Advocaten.

The Community Land Trust guide was compiled on the basis of experience in the Netherlands and abroad and from the practice of CLT Ghent. It is not a technical guide in which all steps are worked out in detail in technical, financial and legal terms because a great deal of customisation is required. Where possible or useful, reference is made to model projects or model documents.

CLT showcase
CLT Ghent took part in an inspiration session that was held by their lawyers, Rasschaert Advocaten, who are researching the possible significance of the local public sector in the development and realisation of innovative and collective housing.

Press coverage
The construction magazine, Bouwkroniek, featured CLT Ghent's Meulestede development in October: Community Land Trust project in Ghent is taking shape.

London CLT

Lewisham Site – Nominated for a best affordable housing development (in construction)
The Community Land Trust, Lewisham, led by Lewisham Citizens and designed by Archio architects, has been shortlisted the Best affordable housing development (in construction) in the @IHDevelopment Awards.

London CLT sharing St Clements with peers and the world!
London CLT continues to hold tours at its pilot site – St Clements, inspiring interested groups to think about how a CLT in their context might work.  During October London CLT held tours with g320 London – group of small housing, Gateway housing - a community based housing association, CDS Cooperatives, Croydon borough councillors and Urban development professionals from Tokyo to name a few. On Saturday 2 November all London CLT members – new and old are also invited to do the same.

London CLT contributed to Future of London report
London CLT shared their experiences and successes with Future of London for a broader report about Community Led Housing. The report will be released on 3 December and will share research findings and practical recommendations for the sector.

Community consultation for the Riccardo community foundation
The Riccardo Community Foundation together with a local school in the Bow area held a community consultation to further discuss and engage with local groups about what the community benefit at St Clements should look like. Local resident associations, people from the council and multiple local organisations stopped by to contribute to the workshop.


Financial models webinar
On October 10th, FMDV has held an online webinar presenting the results of its latest Report on Community Land Trusts (CLTs) financial models across Europe.

This successful presentation has sparked new relationships with colleagues from all over Europe. FMDV has notably got in touch with:

  • Habicoop the French network for Cooperative Housing which is exploring potential links between OFS and participatory housing
  • The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, which has shown a great interest in the model
  • Coop 57, a Spanish cooperative of financial services, which increasingly finances cooperative housing project and has launched its pilot “Community Ground” project buying up two land plots for innovative collaborative projects.

OFS Network event
In parallel, FMDV contributed to the organisation of the second conference of the French OFS Network (Foncier Solidaire France). This event will be held in Rennes on November 6-7. In this framework FMDV, with the City of Lille, will present the latest progress of the SHICC programme, as well as the perspectives for CLT/OFS development in Europe in the next years. 

Looking ahead
Finally, as the SHICC project is entering its final year, FMDV focused on exploring post SHICC opportunities. FMDV is currently digging on how to best mobilise European funds to sustain and strengthen CLTs/OFSs’ financing. To this end, FMDV has produced a concept note that will frame a discussion on the subject with European partners (Nov 7), and open the way to the realization of a feasibility study.

FMDV is also working on the realisation of a General Guide for CLTs. The Guide will be a toolkit taking stock of the European CLT movement. It will provide technical information on how to set up a CLT/OFS. 

Upcoming events: 

  • November: Second conference of the french OFS network (6-7), SHICC Steering Committee in Brussels (7-8)
  • December: Interreg capitalisation event (5-6, Lille)

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