Partner Update - May


The FMDV has met with the Fondation Abbé Pierre (SHICC project co-funder). The Foundation - focused on fighting substandard housing and homelessness -has reaffirmed its interest in pursuing its partnership with the SHICC project.

It more specifically discussed how CLTs could help housing the most deprived; a question at the heart of our reflections since the program kick-off conference in Lille (May 2018).

The following issues have been raised: how most vulnerable populations are engaged in CLT projects and CLT life and to what extent is the CLT housing approach adapted to these populations etc. The FMDV, in partnership with the project partners, will be digging deeper into these points throughout the activities to come (financial guide, concluding SHICC conference in Brussels etc).

Alongside this, the FMDV has been active in supporting the activities of other SHICC partners. On the advocacy stream, it finalised and disseminated the EU manifesto which, since then, has been endorsed by the European Green Party.

On the other hand, the FMDV contributed to the second transnational conference on Community Land Trusts in Europe that took place in May 9-10 at the London City Hall.

As a side event, the FMDV facilitated a peer-to-peer event organised by the London CLT. And on May 10th, as part of the conference, the FMDV, introduced  the workshop on CLT finance presenting the finding of its works undertook throughout its mapping and case studies.

Press Coverage:

Most recently, the FMDV has been publishing an article about Community Land Trust Finance in the North Western Region in the Revue Foncière, a magazine specialized on the land issue (in French).

Ville de Lille

The French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, entrusted to Mr Lagleize, Member of the National Assembly, a mission to control the cost of land in construction operations. This mission aims to identify operational, legislative and regulatory measures to control land price inflation and the fight against land speculation. In this context, the OFS model is a response that the State wishes to strengthen. Audrey Linkenheld will be heard on 24 May to present the actions needed to develop the OFS model in France and the long-term land policy of the City of Lille.

National CLT Network

The UK Government has called for information on projects in the community led housing sector. Information such as where the group is geographically, how many homes they’re hoping to build and the kind of tenure. This is a very important consultation as it will lend towards determining whether Government extend the multi-million pound Community Housing Fund for community led housing groups. We’ve had to show the demand is there.

The National CLT Network has been raising awareness of the call for information throughout their channels and working with a network of community led housing enabling hubs to ensure we get as much data as possible submitted.

CLT Brussels 

CLTB partnered with Communa, an organisation that organises temporary uses of vacant spaces, to launch a temporary use project on a patch of land that will become a CLTB housing project in a few years. The project was launched on 27 April. More information here (in French). Follow the
updates on the project’s Facebook page.


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