Partner Update - March

Community Land Trust Brussels spreading the good word of Community Land Trusts

The idea of a CLT is making headway in yet another city. Bruges, the well-known ‘Venice of the North’, has witnessed a massive increase of housing prices in the few years. Discussions of creating CLTs to build affordable housing among local officials has been reported in the media. You can find more information on it here (Dutch).

FMDV advocating for the OFS model in Paris

On February 12th, the FMDV met two City of Paris’ representatives -  Anthony Briant (Housing Policy Deputy Director) and Sophie Lecoq (Head of the Housing Department) - concerning the implementation of an OFS within the Capital City boundaries. Earlier this year, Ian Brossat - City of Paris Deputy Mayor for Housing - has indeed committed to the delivery of 100 OFS home before the next Municipal elections in 2020.

The FMDV has discussed barriers in terms of the financial model for the Parisian OFS. They insisted on the opportunity of further including the City of Paris within knowledge sharing practices of the SHICC project and the French OFS Network (Foncier Solidaire France). In that stream, City of Paris has been invited to participate in the CLT transnational conference to be held in London in May.

This meeting illustrates the forces involved in the rapid OFS development in the French context. For instance, in January, Action Logement - an organism collecting employer’s contribution to affordable housing development - has committed to making the OFS one of their six priority axis of investment. In parallel, a working session will be held in Paris between members of the French OFS network and the Ministry. It will cover different subjects such as OFS taxation, regulatory adaptation, bank mobilization etc.

In addition, lines are also moving at the international scale as illustrated by City Alliance’s initiative to launch launches a call for proposals granting community based organizations working on innovative solutions enhancing tenure security and property rights in African Cities.

London CLT community choosing architect for development

A 'choose the architect' event was held earlier this month to determine who will be the architect for the site at Christchurch Road in Lambeth. Locals are from the area around Brixton Hill were invited to come to the Brixton Hill Methodist church and vote for their choice after hearing the shortlisted candidates pitch to be the project architects. The winner was RSKA with around 30/50 votes.

London CLT worked together with CLT members from churches St George in the East and St Lukes Woodside to organise an event on how churches can help support community land trusts in their parishes. The event included experts on housing, homelessness and the common good.

National CLT Network

The National CLT Network have been busy organising the transnational SHICC event taking place in May at the London City Hall. They have also launched a national campaign to support local groups lobby their councils ahead of the local elections in May. To find out more information click here.

Lille de Ville has been pushing affordable housing forward. 

  • Initial BRS (lease) signature between the developer (INA3F) and the OFSML, formalizing the OFSML commitment in the second operation (Renan)
  • Payment of fees for the first operation developed with the OFSML (Cosmopole)
  • The Management Board of the OFSML took place on 4 February 2019
  • The OFSML initiated the process to become partner of Housing Europe by sending an application pack to the Secretary General of Housing Europe
  • The OFSML applied for the Responsible Housing Awards. The winners will be announced on the 6th of June during the International Social Housing Festival in Lyon.
  • The OFSML had a meeting with the General Directorate of Public Finance to discuss the taxation applicable to the OFSML.


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