Partner Update - July

London CLT

  • London CLT has won the bid to deliver CLT homes on 2 Transport For London sites in Shadwell (east London) and Lambeth (south London) as part of the London Mayor’s ‘Small sites, Small Homebuilders’ programme. Click here to see more.
  • Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs has committeed to a meeting with London CLT to discuss funding for a community space in the John Denham Building on the St Clements site in Tower Hamlets, East London. The first ever CLT in London. Click here to see more.

Press coverage:

CLT Ghent

  • 26th May CLT Ghent’s 34 unit-project was officially presented by the City Councillor of Housing, Sven Taeldeman. It was mentioned on the regional pages of ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’:
  • Throughout June and July CLT Ghent have been looking for a fundraising expert. They should be in post by August.
  • Following the announcement in Antwerp about the cities plan to separate land and houses to make prices affordable for young working families CLT Ghent reacted in ‘De Standaard’. Which has a monthly readership of 600,000 people. This gave CLT Ghent and community land trusts very high visibility in Flanders.
  • They spoke in a debate on housing at Herberg Macharius on June 20th with the city councillor.

CLT Brussels

  • CLTB welcomed a delegation from Fundacion Promotora de Vivienda (FUPROVI) on June 7th. An NGO operating a range of programmes in Costa Rica dealing with low-income housing, community development, income generation, sustainable development and institutional building.
  • CLTB attended the 2nd annual meeting of the Social production of Habitat platform on supporting collaborative housing across the world. The event was organised by Urbamonde in Geneva
  • CLTB presented at a conference on collaborative and community-led housing organised by Federcasa, the Italian federation of social housing. The event was held in Matera, Italy.

Other CLTs’ news:

Articles on a CLT project in Comines-Warneton (on the border with France):

Articles on a CLT project in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (south of Brussels):

Press coverage:

Development Training “(PFTU) in Annemasse (France) featuring Joaquín


Forthcoming speaking opportunities or events you’re holding:

  • CLTB will present its experience at the Exchange Days of the French Collaborative Housing movement on 5-7 July in Nantes.
  • CLTB will welcome a delegation from Community Land Scotland (the Scottish CLT network) on 10 July. They will visit some of CLTB’s projects and will exchange with the team.


This month the FMDV dedicated their time to refine a preliminary work produced on the mapping of existing funding and financing sources for CLT development. Bilateral meetings with partners allowed the FMDV to improve the quality of the data gathered. Ultimately final deliverables on this activity will be produced by late July; being an excel database detailing existing sources available to groups and a synthesis document.

In parallel, the FMDV started their second activity on the establishment of six case studies. Doing so the FMDV will dig in depth into financial models, barriers and opportunities for CLT development across the NWE region.

Finally, linking and contributing jointly to others work package the FMDV joined the reflection on the possible links existing between the “Financial Model”, the “Communication” and the “Long Term Effect” ones - for instance how the results of the mapping will allow to feed the production of the Manifesto identifying the funding barriers for CLT development across NWE. A first skype meeting with Community Land Trust Brussles and CLT Ghent was set up in order to better understand their needs in regards to building their business models.


The month of June has been very rich in terms of conferences and events and allowed the FMDV to connect with many actors within the affordable housing and CLT environment. Here are the events to which the FMDV has participated to and a summary of their results.

  • “Logement d’abord: un défi pour l’Europe/”Housing First: a European Challenge”, Held by the Fondation Abbé Pierre, la FEANTSA, Housing Europe et l’Union Sociale pour l’Habitat (Paris, June 5th)
  • This conference had been the opportunity to learn about two reports published by both the FAP (Fondation Abbé Pierre) and Housing Europe on the State of Housing in Europe. It also allowed the FMDV to meet two of its partners, Housing Europe (associated partner) and FAP (co-financing the SHICC on the FMDV behalf).
  • “Soutenir l’Habitat Collaboratif à travers le monde/Supporting Collaborative Housing across the world”, Second annual meeting of the Social Housing production platform, Held by Urbamonde (Geneva, June 14th)
  • This event held by Urbamonde (SHICC associated partner) allowed the FMDV to think outside the box and to question the issue of CLT and housing affordability taking a Global South perspective. The FMDV had the chance to exchange with actors having a strong potential to input the SHICC project (advocacy, technical assistance etc.)
  • On June 11th the FMDV had the chance to informally meet Brenda Torpy (Champlain Housing Trust, US), Robert Burns (City Bank Foundation and Grounded Solutions, US), as well as Vincent Le Rouzic (CLT France), and Muriel Rolland (Projet OFS Paris).
  • The FMDV learnt from the Champlain Housing Trust 30 years of experience in terms of social investment finance schemes and instruments, affordable housing delivery and from their CLT network implanted in the US (Grounded Solution). . In parallel the FMDV discussed the opportunities of a French and ultimately European CLT network development.
  • Right after this meeting the FMDV attended the Conference « Atelier du cercle habiter autrement » ( held by Coopsvp et Capacité).
  • Pascaline Mariette (Capacités), Brenda Torpy (Champlain Housing Trust, US), Vincent Lourier (Fédération des Coop HLM) and Christian Chevé (La Coopérative Foncière francilienne), provided a crossed view of CLT/OFS development and challenges.
  • Finally, the FMDV will be participating next week to the “Rencontres Nationales de l’Habitat Participatif/Annual Meeting of the Participative Housing movement”, Held by Coordin’action (Nantes, July 5th-7th)

Ville de Lille 

Ville de Lille spoke on the OFS and the SHICC project at 2 events:

  • A seminar on the OFS in Compiègnes on June 8th.
    The video of Lille speech is on youtube
  • A national housing meeting in Paris on June 29th
    “Forum des politiques de l’habitat privé”.

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