Partner Update - December

London CLT

London Mayor commits to huge fund

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced the first-ever London Community land Trust Homes to be built on the Olympic Site and a new £10m revolving fund for community led housing. Campaigners from London CLT spoke at the event, telling the room about what a difference their CLT has/and could make to their lives, but also that so far itis only a drop in the ocean of what needs to be achieved.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell wants to encourage more CLTs to own and develop affordable housing. Read here.

Why CLT’s in london are more than just housing. Read here

CLT Brussels

Affordable housing and the possibility of creating a CLT in Leuven are being
discussed in the coalition talks as indicated in this article.


FMDV as part of the OFS network has ran a workshop in partnership with the City of Lille on access to funding. It was a huge success and moved the conversation forward. Public and commercial banks have committed to finance land and provide mortgages to lower income households.

FMDV has also been working towards six CLT finance case studies which will focus on the financial mechanisms of various CLT models. Finally, FMDV collaborated with RTES on an event around land and real estate as levers for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) policies in Rennes. FMDV’s main role was presenting the results from their research into the financial opportunities for CLTs across the North West European region.

National CLT Network

National CLT Network hosted the first ever England and Wales CLT Awards at their AGM this month. Find out who the winners were and more about the event here. They have also continued their lobbying for the extension of the Community Housing Fund. Along with London CLT they hosted the partners in London for 2 days where they looked around CLTs in the city and strategised for 2019. Read more about that here. 

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