Partner Update - August

FMDV is finishing up phase one

FMDV have been concentrating on finalising their mapping of existing and potential funding sources for CLT developments in the North West Europe (NWE) region. By early September they would have developed an extensive database and a synthesis document which summarises key findings.  FMDV have been carrying out a second round of interviews with partners in order to refine the data.

Along with this work, the FMDV has attended the National Conference for Community Led Housing in Nantes, July 5-7th 2018. The event was organised by “La Coordin’action Nationale” and “L’Echo-Habitants” and aimed to build bridges between the CLT and Community Led Housing movement in France - known as the “Participatory Housing Movement”. Attendants included inhabitant groups, technical assistants, property developers, banks and public authorities.

Beside two plenary sessions the FMDV had been able to attend six workshops and round tables notably focusing on finance, legislative frameworks, and public policy. The FMDV had been able to connect with actors engaged in the finance and technical assistance sphere hoping for future European collaborations related to the SHICC project. They also held a meeting with the French Commercial Bank Société Générale discussing the framework of the mortgage market for CLTs.

Catch FMDV at these upcoming events:

  • September 20th 20108,Urban densification, energy efficiency and affordability of housing (Abracadaba, Housing Europe and Paris Habitat – Paris)
  • On October 10th 2018; The French OFS development: from the idea to the implementation” (Espacité – Paris)
  • on October 9-11th 2018, “79th Affordable Housing Congress” (Union Sociale pour 39;Habitat -Marseille)

London CLT writes on how CLTs brings hope for housing

London CLT featured in Citymetric: “London Needs Community Land Trusts – And 2018 Could Be Our Year”

Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) has been sharing their experience

CLTB presented its experience at the Exchange Days of the French Collaborative Housing movement on 5-7 July in Nantes. They also welcomed a delegation from Community Land Scotland (the Scottish CLT network) on 10 July. Scottish CLT Network visited some of CLTB’s projects and exchanged knowledge and learnings with the team.

Catch Community Land Trust Brussels at these upcoming events:

  • CLTB will participate in a discussion on how a CLT could be implemented in Amsterdam on 30-31 August. More information here:
  • CLTB will lead a workshop on CLTs during “Experiment days 2018”, an event on cohousing taking place on 6 to 9 September in Berlin. More information here:

National CLT Network ramping up communications and continued lobbying for community led housing

The National CLT Network has been working with partners to design bespoke communications strategies, which should help not only with comms work, but also advocacy. The NCLTN has also been developing its own regional campaigning strategy across England and Wales. The UK government have recently released a social housing green paper and NCLTN are working on a consultation response.

National CLT Network in the press:


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