Partner Update - August 2019


FMDV is excited to be releasing a consolidated report of six in-depth financial case studies (covering the United Kingdom, Belgium and France). This Report will showcase the diversity of the financial models developed by CLTs in order to deliver genuinely affordable homes. Through a precise analysis of CLTs’ housing offer, resale formulas, ground lease fees, etc., it will highlight the model’s territorial and social benefits. A webinar will be held this fall to present the conclusions drawn and steps forward. Stay tuned!

Building on this work, FMDV is also progressing on a Financial Guide detailing some innovative instruments identified throughout the case study activity. This toolkit will provide practical information for CLTs professionals, funders and researchers in order to make the case for CLTs in Europe, and advocate for the appropriate mobilization of public and private financial resources.

CLT Gent 

A major part of community land trusts is community engagement. CLT gent opened a summer bar on their land in Meulestede and held workshops for the children in the neighborhood. This was a huge success in raising awareness of the project in the local area. 

CLT Brussels

As part of its feasibility study for the creation of a CLT in the city of Leuven (Flanders), CLTB and its partners hosted an evening discussion with Brenda Torpy, CEO of Champlain Housing Trust in Burlington (USA) in Leuven. Her keynote address was followed by a discussion with local stakeholders, including Leuven Housing Councillor Lies Corneille. CLTB received an Excellence Award from REVES, a European network of cities and regions for the social economy. CLTB accepted the award during an event at the European Committee of the Regions on 6 June. 

CLTB was a finalist in the European Responsible Housing Awards in the category “More than a roof – supporting communities of equal opportunities”. A ceremony took place on 6 June in Lyon as part of the International Social Housing Festival. 

Ville de Lille 

Ville de Lille is launching a study into the proliferation of the OFS/BRS model across the city and metropolis. The City of Lille is expected to deliver one study about the diversification of the OFS/BRS model across the city and the metropolis. The city of Lille aims to massify the OFS/BRS  across Lille and to use the model in different contexts and approaches such as new housing, social housing sale, existing housing (co-ownership, vacant housing, etc) or affordable rental housing. In other news, on Lille de Ville's Cosmopole site, the OFS buyers will be moving into their homes in April next year after all BRS (Ground Lease) deals were signed by the OFS buyers and OFSML. The OFSML collectives monthly BRS ground rents for €1/m² 

National CLT Network 

After 18 months of lobbying from the National CLT Network and their members, the Government announced it will exempt all community led housing developments, including CLTs, from the ban on leasehold houses and ground rents. This is a massive win for the CLT movement and will mean that communities will continue to ethically use the leasehold system to provide and protect affordable houses. Click here for more information. They have also launched the Cohesive Communities Fund to help CLTs diversify their membership and leadership and revamped their Incorporation Service. 

London CLT 

London CLT, along with CLTB, NCLTN and FMDV attended the Kyon International Social Housing Festival, presenting the progress they have made over the past 10 years.  South London citizens came together on May 7th in Southwark Cathedral to hold five council leaders to account. This was on the issue of affordable housing, youth violence, and safety. The Deputy Mayor of London, James Murray announced that the land and money for London CLT site in Streatham Hill will be released by the end of June. 


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