The Walloon tour of the Repair Café Mobile

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26 April 2021 - 9 October 2021

It has taken several years for this tool to become a reality, but today Repair Together is proud to present the Repair Café Mobile. It is a trailer that has been converted into a collaborative repair workshop. There is a welcome area, 2 work surfaces with all the tools for repairing and a "bar" area where it is possible to prepare a tea or a coffee. The aim of this tool is to go to places where there are no Repair Cafés yet, in town squares, on markets, in schools and elsewhere, to raise awareness of the repairability of products and to allow citizens to experience the co-repairing process.

This year, from April 26 to October 9, the 7 Walloon inter-municipal waste management authorities, united in COPIDEC, are mobilizing to host the Repair Café Mobile on their territory and allow citizens to repair their broken objects together. To see the details of the locations and to register, visit our website.

During this tour, Repair Together will also use the Repair Café Mobile to talk about the SHAREPAIR project and the digital tools being developed. It will also be possible to experiment with the use of digital tools such as 3D printing.

In order to share this project on a larger scale, the Repair Café Mobile has been designed on an open-source model. Le Repair Café Mobile by Repair Together/Simon Frémineur is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Repair Together has developed an open-source kit (currently in French) to allow anyone to create their own Repair Café Mobile.

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