Events and activities

Launch of the Right to Repair campaign in Belgium

, Belgium

On June 3rd, some of our Belgian project partners will launch a national Right to Repair Campaign. The campaign is propagated by a broad and diverse platform of more than 35 organisations such as environmental organizations, centres for reuse and repair, organizations defending the rights of consumers, families, youth, workers, people in poverty,...
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Webinar Online Repair Cafés

, Online

On May 28th, Repair&Share organised a videochat with more than 40 Repair Café volunteers. As Repair Cafés cannot organise live events due to corona measures, they discussed alternative ways to organize repair events, like online Repair Cafés.
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Webinar data collection for the repair community

, online

Community repair projects have a lot of valuable knowledge, experiences and data to share. Repair&Share invited two experts to talk about how they collect, centralise and publish this information. This webinar is the online version of one of the sessions we prepared for the REPAIR is THE FUTURE conference, which was postponed due to Corona.
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Repair & Share Fest

, OPEK – Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten, Vaartkom 4, 3000 Leuven (Belgium)

(EVENT POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS) More and more people consciously consume less. They start repairing again, want to make things, share their stuff. At the Repair & Share Fest, citizens can get acquainted with initiatives that revolve around repair, making and sharing. They will discover how a Repair Café works, how one can exchange items through swishing or a toy exchange. People will find inspiration during demonstrations and lectures. Young and old roll up their sleeves in workshops and open workshops.
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