Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country Planning

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71 rue de la Grande Haie, Nancy cedex, 54510 France www.est.cerema.fr


Cerema will be involved in the SC and WGs. it will survey the performance and durability of the products produced of concrete with RA and analyse its life cycle. Additionally, Cerema is completely entitled to contact and then convince actors of the Great Region in order to participate in particularly announced innovative project using the products that will result of this project. With the sub-partner DC57 Cerema will be responsible for the WP I3.

Thematic priorities:

  • Resource & materials efficiency

Involved in

Resource & materials efficiency

SeRaMCo: Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products

To optimise (re)use of material and natural resources in NWE

Status: ongoing

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