SeRaMCo making impact in North-West Europe

On the 4th and 5th of December, SeRaMCo colleagues from the University of Kaiserslautern and Schuttelaar & Partners participated in the INTERREG event: “North-West Europe making impact” in Tourcoing, France. On this occasion, 83 European INTERREG projects, all dealing with sustainability issues in different industries, presented their research and outcomes. Synergies across projects were also extensively discussed. Our SeRaMCo project was selected to lead on a workshop on sustainability in the construction sector. We presented our findings in the closing session in front of roughly 350 like-minded professionals.

It was striking to see that, across fields and industries, we came to similar results: we have to focus more energy on communicating about our research outputs to increase our impact on the economy. Reaching out to industry, public procurement of local authorities as well as the European policymakers is a gamechanger across sectors. Last, during the workshop we came up with the idea to bundle our efforts on a platform for sustainable construction, giving a unique voice to the frontrunners in this industry.


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