How We Mastered Water Clarification And Sludge Management In The Recycling Process

by Didier Duvivier, TRADECOWALL

In the scope of SeRaMCo, Tradecowall is in charge of developing technologies for the recycling of mixed construction and demolition waste. Following our tests in 2018, we are proud to announce that we now master the key processes of water clarification and sludge management!

The first months of 2019 were important to improve the washing installation in Saint-Ghislain.


On the one hand, we added five basins to our installations and are now clarifying the water by lagooning with nine basins instead of four.

On the other hand, we buried these 2-meter-deep basins, without flowers or crowns, in order to be able to easily clean them with a power shovel. The sludge is being removed from the containers and poured directly, by simply turning the shovel, into the future sand bed that dries them.

To do so, the last two basins present on our sites were carried to Saint-Ghislain to be positioned directly in the excavation.

After a few weeks of work on the basins and on improving the separation of floating waste, we were able to get beautiful washed sands and recycled aggregates out of the washing plant -  Tradecowall and its subsidiaries are proud to have mastered the water clarification and sludge management!

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