ReNu2Farm presented to the French national fertiliser network

Agriculture plays a major role in phosphorus flows in France. To use limited resources in the most efficient way, and to avoid environmental risks, stakeholders (farmers, researchers, and suppliers) created in 1980 an independent association in France, the French Committee for the Study and Development of Rational Fertilisation (COMIFER), to share reflections, references, and methods. Three boards compose the COMIFER: public institutions, agricultural organisations and economic structures.

The COMIFER with GEMAS (French committee on soil analysis) organised mid-November the biennial of “Soil and plants analysis and fertilisation management” in Dijon (France). Arvalis as an active member of the COMIFER committee presented during this event the project ReNu2Farm and exposed the results obtained so far. The multiple interactions with the audience showed a real interest from fertiliser stakeholders, and they also showed that the project addresses expectations from the fertiliser community in France.

Link to the poster presented at the COMIFER:

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