Plant pot trials at Ghent University

As part of WP T2, D2.2, plant pot trials were conducted under controlled conditions to determine fertilizer performance at a level of plant availability, and to determine the nutrient use efficiency of the recycling-derived fertilizers. Trials were done by pot cultivation of Spinacea olaracea (spinach). The experimental set-up consisted of seven treatments comprising of:

  • Blank (no fertilization)
  • Control (synthetic NPK)
  • Ammonium nitrate + synthetic PK
  • Ammonia water + synthetic PK
  • Concentrate after evaporation + synthetic N
  • Ammonium nitrate + concentrate after evaporation (blend 1)
  • Ammonia water + concentrate after evaporation (blend 2)

Except blank, all other treatments were done in two dosages:

  • N fertilizer advice
  • N fertilizer advice – 50%


The harvested plants and soil are yet to be analyzed to come to further conclusions.

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